How to open kotak 811 zero balance account

Hey guys, today we are telling you a bank who offers zero balance account with free virtual debit card. The name of bank is Kotak Mahindra Bank who offers zero balance account with name Kotak 811 account. It is perfect example of Digital account. Kotak 811 account is totally digital it doesn't require to submit an paper proof to open account.

The account can be opened only using your Adhaar card number and pan card number and some personal details like your Name, Address, Profession etc. Adhaar and Pan are mandatory to open account. It doesn't matrer where you are while opening your account.
You just need to fill necessary  details and the bank system automatically pick up nearest branch ifsc code etc. Once you done this they will issue you Account No. and CRN ( Customer Relation Number) and most important is Virtual Debit Card which is issue to you on same time. But Virtual Debit Card they issue is temporary Card.
Once you done your KYC they will issue you permanent Debit Card free of cost for lifetime.
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The Virtual Debit Card have many Salient features like Activate PayPal Account, Shop Online, Book Tickets etc. To open kotak 811 account go to  Kotak official site.

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