How to verify on Instagram

Hello friends, as you all know that everybody runs the internet nowadays, then everybody social media which so much more nowadays. what is going on in most of the days is the Instagram, so everyone has made their profile on Instagram. Nowadays everyone goes to Instagram. From a common man to bigger celebrities ones, whoever is a star, all them Instagram profile as you all know that there are branded accounts on Instagram which we call a verified account, When you open someone's profile see that with their name on the side of them there is a blue tick

As we look at someone's account, we think that its account has blue ticks but why does not the blue tick in our account. You can also have a blue tick on your Instagram account, but for that you have to do some work.

 First of all go to your Instagram app Go to the setting and change the Instagram profile into business profile and then come back to the settings and click on Get Verified On Instagram. Fill your name and all the details in it and then select one category from which category you come in like ( Musician band , Politician , Brand , Blogger etc.) And upload any single document that has been issued to you by the government like Adhaar card, Driving license etc. and then apply for verification. Within 24 hour The Instagram will tell you that you you're verified or not if you are verified that's good or if you are not verified don't worry you can apply again after 30 days.

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