India's First "Made in India" Processor

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the processors of the mobile so far who were coming to see that most of the mobile professors came from China, but in the coming time, mobile professors would be made of India.

A few days back, IIT Madra has created a new mobile procrssor. whose name is Shakti. This processor  is entirely made in India and its coding also has been done in India. The whole Shakti project is totally funded by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The Shakti Processor is not able to use officially in Mobile phones at this time. But it is able to use in Cctv Surveillance system , In Nuclear power plants and In small electronic appliances.

In July 2018 IIT Madras has  create 300 micro chips under (Shakti project) these chips named Risecreek that is fabricated and boosted by Linux Operating System by Intel a international processor manufacturer in Oregon(USA). But now all these things are done in India at India Space Research Organization (ISRO) at Semi Conductor Laboratory in Chandigarh
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