Future of Flying Cars

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about flying car, we have been hearing from time to time that one day scientists will create a flying car which will run on the road and also fly in the air, many scientists are searching on it and Many different types of models have been made, but today we feel that we could not see the flying car in the future, because today it seems like today the traffic in the streets at peak if in future flying car come in market so they will create lot  traffic in the air

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But to create a model of the car that can fly in the air and walk on the road, this work is not so easy for the scientists, but still the scientists from many countries are engaged in this work, it is different That in the coming time maybe we could see a flying taxi which goes from one place to another, and the Aeroplanes that flies in the air, there may not have been any problem in the flight. So in future we think we see flying cars in future but may be we see flying taxis or flying drones.

But it may be that in the coming time, scientists make a flying car, but it seems that no government may possibly approve this project because of this there are many chances to increase traffic in the air. If we talk about Roads, then you You will see that there is a lot of traffic on the road today, if such a car starts flying then traffic in the air will be very high so that there will be accidents in the air too. So we think that see flying cars in future are impossible
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