How to make dry ice at home

            Make Dry ice at home

Hello friends, today we are going to talk to you about the dry ice that we use in homes, there is a lot of difference between ice and dry ice. Dry ice also has lots of advantages. Dry ice which is used The most used to be in photo shoots when shooting for a photo shoot or in the movies, then use of dry ice at that time. when you put hot water on the dry ice, it makes a lot more smoke than a Smoke bomb, and it also has a great effect in films and photo shoots.

Nowadays, smoke bombs are used for photo shoots, but still in many places the use of dry ice is used more than smoke bomb. when you keep the house freezer ice in your hands, it will start forming water, the ice will melt, but when you keep dry ice in the hand then it will not become water, it will remain dry.

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How to make dry ice at home

  1. Requirements
  2. Towel or Polythene
  3. Glove's
  4. Fire Extinguisher

Process :--

First of all, wear gloves on your hands for the safety of yourself and keep preparing all the accessories such as keep the fire extinguisher near you and keep the envelope or Towel with you so that you do not have any problem while forming dry ice.

First remove the pin from the fire extinguishers so that the gas emitted can be well, then take the envelope in the hand and put drain pipe in envelope of the fire extinguisher and start running the fire accelerator, the gas emitted from the pending will be stored directly in the envelope. And will turn into dry ice, then remove the dry ice from the envelope when you put hot water on it, the smoke will be formed like smoke bomb
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