How to make smoke bomb at home.

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you how you can make a smoke bomb at home. Smoke bombs are nowadays used mostly in photoshoots and movies etc. if you buy it from market then which is very expensive and which does not last long So, today we will tell you how to make at home, which lasted longer

The items you need to make a smoke bomb are very easy to get from the market and are very cheap.

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Requirement for smoke bomb

  •   2 Tablespoon Sugar (Grinded)
  •   3 Tablespoon Potassium Nitrate
  •   1/2  Tablespoon Baking powder
  •   2 Tablespoon (Approx) Color ( Food/Dye)
  •   Fire Fuse
  •   Beverage/Coke Cans

If you have Coke Can  then it is fine, otherwise you can make Can with  newspaper too and then mix sugar, potassium nitrate, baking soda, color with certain amount in bowl and heat some little and then add put mixture in Can and add burning fuse in it. Now fire the Smoke Can fuse and see the results
You can use different-different colors in smoke bomb for amazing photoshoot

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