How to make water candle at home

Hello friends, today we will tell you how you can make water candle at home

The water candle is very popular nowadays, water candle burns in the form of decorations at night in homes , Hotels, clubs and many more.

You can make a water candle even at home, you do not have to spend money for this for buying from market, you will get the material for water candle from your kitchen.

Requirements for water candle

  1. Glass
  2. Oil ( Refined or mustard oil)
  3. water
  4. Thread for fuse
  5. plastic box

First, fill half the glass with water and then put some oil in it. Cut the plastic box equal to glass and take a hole in between. Now put the thread in the hole  of cutting plastic piece and then fit that piece of plastic to the glass and then put the thread on fire, your water candle will start burning.
You can add color or perfume in water for amazing results
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