Car that runs on Salt Water

          Salt Water Car review

Today we are presenting you the eco friendly Toy car model that runs on only Salt Water that means you don't need any Petrol , Diesel , or Battery to run this toy car. This car is also a Future of our eco friendly cars.

Due to change in technology from time to time new-new gadgets and inventions come in our life. The Salt water Car is just as an example of Future of Cars. The change in price of Fuels from day to day are disturb our daily budget and this innovation are come from this matter

Now days price of fuel are increasing day by day. With the use of petrol or Diesel etc. as a fuel of motor vehicles will much pollution in our environment that directly affect our helath andit also effect on environment like Due to increase of pollution by motor vehicles it increases global warming day by day and also effect Ozone layer of Earth.

Benefits of Salt Water Car

  • Pollution free 
  • Easily Available 
  • Low cost
  • Reservation of natural fuels

This Salt water offered by various sellers on amazon. It runs about 150 meter (Approx) with only few drops of salt water. The car material are metal. Its magnesium metal sheet can run the car for approx 4hrs continuously

Its prices on Amazon are Rs-355 + 70(delivery)
Car that runs on Salt Water Car that runs on Salt Water Reviewed by info invent on January 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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