How to make Sugar Rocket at home

              Sugar Rocket 

Now we telling you the easiest and best method to make Sugar Rocked at home. The Rocket you buy from market are not so good for health and why you buy costly Rocket from market if you are able to make your own Rocket at home. Their is no long process to make Sugar rocket at home

The rockets you buy from markets are contains harmul chemicals that may effect our health and also effects our environment and creates more pollution. The rockets you buy from market are also expensive and fly in air according to how much chemical are used in rocket.

The home made rocket that i asking you are best for our heath and are in budget. It fly in air according to you becuse it depend on how much mixture you used in your Rocket

Requirements for Rocket 
  • Sugar       (35-gram)
  • Potassium nitrate (65-gram)
  • Waste Cardboard
  • Stick
  • Bowl
  • Spoon 
  • Clay


First of all you have to take an empty bowl and put Sugar and Potassium Nitrate in bowl and mix it properly with spoon. Now make pipe type shape cardboard with the help of scissor and glue and attach stick with it as a handle of your Rocket. Now stop top end of your rocket with clay and after few minutes add mixture in your rocket and add Fire fuse in it. Now put it in direct sunlight for proper dry it when rocket is ready now stand it in correct position and fire it you will see amazing results.

For more amazing results you some sparkle or any color for more interesting

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