How to Sell on Shopify

               Sell on Shopify 

Hello friends Today, we are going to talk to you about how you can start your business, without spending any money, you can do business from home and at the same time you don't need to stock any product that kind of business is Called Dropshipping.

You do not have to keep stock products in this business when your order will arrive at the store, then you can tell its producer that he will deliver himself to his house and you will not have to worry about anything about how to send him and payment collection etc.

Where to Open store online

Now today i asking about shopify dropshipping business. On Shopify you can sell any type of product you want to sell to your customers. On shopify you can open your Online Store in minutes. There are various salient features of Shopify You can open your For free for 14 days free Trial. There are lot more features of Shopify 
  • Free Logo Maker
  • Free Web store Themes
  • Free Stock photos
  • Buy Store (if you wish)
  • Sell Your Store (if you wish)
  • Order Email Alerts
  • Custom Domain Available
There are 3 Types of Plans for Your Store

Plans                      Basic  Normal  Advance  
Price                      $29         $79           $299    
Online store          ✅        ✅             ✅           
Product               ✅          ✅              ✅         
Staff acc.            ✅          ✅            ✅           
24/7 Support     ✅        ✅             ✅            
Sale channel      ✅        ✅             ✅            
Manual order    ✅          ✅             ✅          
Discount code   ✅        ✅             ✅          
Free SSL  cert.    ✅           ✅          ✅         
Abandoned cart   ✅         ✅          ✅         
Profess. Report    ×            ✅            ✅      
Gift card                ×             ×              ✅      
Advande report    ×             ×               ✅    
Ship rate calc•     ×              ×              ✅    
Transaction fee   2%         1%            0.5% 

      You can select one of above plan according to you choice. I think basic plan for beginner is the best way for startup

If you are beginner and wants to start your own profitable business. Then i think shopify is the best place for startup. You contact china suppliers through AliExpress and get best prices from them. The main thing is that you can tell to your suppliers that your are a drop shipper on shopify if they are comfortable with your store then its good.

If you want to practice free on shopify their is free 14 days trial for you it is best options for you to start best free practice for your store for free.

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