Napkin Candy (Disposable Nakin)

           Napkin Candy

Now today we are presenting you the latest technology product that are most useful for long drives, etc. We are talking about Napkin Candy that are disposable (Single Use ) Napkin. In old times when you go anywhere to need to carry your napkin in your pocket. That's not good because some time when you left your home you forget to carry your Napkin with you

Disadvantage of Old cloth Napkins

  • You need to carry it always in pocket
  • Need to wash it again 
  • Some time germs production
  • Looks dirty after Single Use
Due to change in technology from time to time. Their is new inventions comes in our life Who will change our life style and impact many more. The Napkin Candy is new generation invention which will come in our life and change our lifestyle much much. 

       Benefits of Napkin Candy

  • Disposable ( Single use )
  • Germs free
  • Light weight
  • Wash free
  • Easy to carry 
  • Long term expiry 
How to use it

To use Napkin candy you just need some drops of water to convert candy into Full Size Napkin. Water is easily available in everywhere when you need You Napkin just put some drops of water on it and use it and throw it.

You don't need to take your Napkin in your pocket. You don't need to wash your Napkin again & again when you have Disposable Napkin ( in candy form ) in your hand. You just want to put sum water drops on Candy and Candy convert into Napkin in seconds.
It is easily available in local shops and also available on online stores like AMAZON FLIPKART etc. 
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