What is Blogging and its benefits


Blogging is a way that you can share  your mind or anything you can share with millions of people. This thing is called blogging. Nowadays blogging has many benefits as you can earn money from it. In old times most of bloggers are will start blogging to share their ideas, their thinking, their thoughts anything to millions of people's through their website. When we write anything on our website, we publish whatever information or any kind of thing we are presenting to the public to show to the people on website that is called blogging

There are lots of ways to blogging, blogging depends on your thinking that we are starting to blogging. Some people are now just starting blogging so that they can earn some money, so some people start blogging to make their identity in world.

Blogging means Writing

For those who want to create their own website, who want to blogging, let them know that blogging is not just about writing. Blogging means that you share your own creative ideas to people if you think that blogging Is meant to be written only then it is absolutely wrong if you wrote an article incorrectly which wrote something that people did not like, They will never visit your site again. You should know the thing about why you want to start blogging, before that, decide on which types of topics are you pick for your blog

Whenever you start your blog, select the best topic for your blog. If you write articles on good topics then more and more people will come to your website. This will be even more earning on other side if you write article on bad topics which people don't like Visitor will never visit your blog again.


If you are starting blogging then there are so many benefits, through which you will be connected to more and more people. You can share your mind with others, now you can create your own identity in the world As i mentioned earlier, some people do blogging so that they can communicate their thoughts to others, so some people start blogging so that they could earn some money then similarly, there is motive behind the start of blogging, so let me also tell you that whenever you start your blog then think before that why you are going to start blog. Firstly clear that you start blogging for making money or for your identity

How to make free blog

If you want to start blog you don't need money to buy blog. There are many Platforms which offers to their users to create blog on their platform for free.

Blogspot:- The blogspot basically known as blogger.com is google profuct. If you start your blog blogspot you need only 5 minutes to start blog it also offers 100 blogs to single user. If you are good in writing Blogspot also offers to its users to earn money through AdSense.

WordPress:- This is also a good platform which offers you to start free blog. It also offers many paid plans. Which is best for professionals because it has many best amazing features etc. 
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