6 Easy ways to rank your website with keyword optimization

When a beginner blogger starts blogging. He thought that he can rank their website in days. He should earn thousands of dollar from ads which served on their website.

But the sad truth is most of bloggers quit blogging because they don't earn much more money. which they think before start blogging. The blogging earning are depends directly how much you site ranked on search engine.

 In digital world, there is too much struggle to highly rank your website. Most of blogger are unknown about how they can rank their website. which factors are used to rank their webpages on 1 Page.

We all are well known that access to website are easy for everyone. Users can search over internet that they want. But he doesn't knows how these websites are made up.

When user search online they got millions of information on their screen. Today's mostly every business use Internet to explore their business to users. But why? Because if you want to advertise your business than online advertising are less expensive than newspaper ads or hiring third party advertisers. When you run your ad campaign it's all control in your hand.

Another most important thing, online ads campaign are more friendly than paper ads. Online advertising your site is best and easy way to boost SEO of your website.

If you want to rank high of your website. You need to write high quality, Unique, Long length article. Good followback backlinks and social media account with huge followers to drive traffic. If you doing all good your website rank will automatically start rising up.

If you want to create high equality articles, you need to long tail catchy keyword. If you think that you are not able to do this. Then website wouldn't rank on top of google.

1. Easy optimization:- It will be easy to do for you if you use long tail keywords.

2. Get ideas from Google Analytics:- This will help you to know which keywords are most searched and drive traffic to your website. This is easy and free way.

3. Use Pay Per Click Method:- If you have a specific platform that define your site and increase in your viewer's. Then use this method to drive more traffic.

4. Always use long-tail keywords:- Quality are more important than quantity. People only want to see that result which they search for them.

5. Choose head words from long-tail keywords:- This is all about to done two things at one time. It just like when people search for Potato French fries, which contains French fries. Also, French fries can have potatoes. A headword and a keyword.

6. Know your audience:- Blogging is as same as an Engineering. An Engineer needs full details in deep, before making plan. This will help the Engineer execute the plan. Keywords are just same as that. If you planned more keywords it's more chance to get found easily.

If you want to defeat you competitor you need to practice on long-tail keyword. Mostly people search for long keywords. Long keyword makes search easy for users. People can easily find and visit your website.

It is hard for new website owners to rank their website in terms of long-tail keywords. Because they are unfamiliar, with these types of facts. They are unaware about these benefits they have to learn from these things.

It is most important to Know that how to rank your website with long-tail keywords. It is not complicated. You need to learn how to utilize long-tail keywords in perfect way.
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