10 Interesting facts about Indian Army that will make you proud

Interesting facts about indian army that will make you proud

Indian Army among the 3 wings Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army of India’s militia is that the largest part. As we know, Indian Army is that the third largest militia and is one in all the strongest fighting forces within the world. however there ar several hidden facts regarding Indian Army that we tend to don't apprehend and that we should. These facts can increase the respect for Indian Army.

1. The Siachen ice mass, world’s highest field that is at 5000 metres on top of the mean water level is guarded by the Indian Army.

2. The Indian Army names the globe Record for acceptive the biggest military surrender once Pakistan Army of 93,000 troopers given in 1971 Indo-Pak war.

3. The Indian Army is that the World’s Biggest Voluntary Army which implies the forced achievement isn't experienced within the Indian Army. there's such provision within the Constitution of India however ne'er dead.

4. The Gurkha Regiment of Indian Army was desired by dictator. As he believed that if he has Gurkha Regiment, his army will conquer Deutschland.

5. Indian academy of Dehradun and Counter rebellion and Jungle Warfare faculty of Mizoram trains the foreign armies of the united kingdom, U.S. and Russia.

6. Indian Army doesn’t recruit on the premise of any reservations of caste and faith in contrast to alternative governmental organizations in India.

7. Indian Army ne'er initiated war with any country.

8. Indian Army baby-faced solely 2 casualties within the Battle of Longewala fought between India and Pakistan within the year 1971 on that the film Border was created.

9. President’s Bodyguard that was came upon within the year 1773 is that the oldest regiment within the Indian Army. The troopers of President’s Bodyguard gets trained as Paratroopers.

10. Indian Army disbursed the one among the most important civilian operation ‘Operation Rahat’ within the year 2013 with the assistance of Indian Air Force.
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