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1. India’s government may be a federal parliamentary constitutional republic. they need a President, vice chairman, Prime Minister, Speaker of the House and magistrate.

2. Republic of India is the seventh largest country within the world and has over 3 million square km. of land, but only 9% of land are occupied by water.

3. Republic of India has the tenth highest gross domestic product within the nation with $1.947 trillion; but, their per capita gross domestic product is hierarchal one hundred and fortieth within the world and is merely $1,592.

4. In 1991, Republic of India adopted a market based mostly economy and has since become one amongst the quickest growing economies within the world.

5. India’s army is that the third largest within the world, and that they are hierarchal because the seventh best armies within the world.

6. The country has twenty eight states and seven territories and is home to several totally different cultures and ethnic teams.

7. Republic of India is official name of India.

8. Republic of India may be a a part of the Asian continent, in conjunction with China, Japan and plenty of different countries.

9. it's calculable that over 850 languages ar spoken in Republic of India on a everyday, which there ar over 1600 languages total that ar known  within the country.

10. Republic of India experiences Monsoon season every year. throughout now, Republic of India receives massive amounts of rain that may cause flooding.

11. Cricket may be a thriving sport in Bharat, and lots of Indian kids like to play the sport with their families. India Wons Cricket World Cup in 2011.

12. British dominated Bharat from 1858 till 1947. Since gaining its independence from the UK, Bharat has become autonomous country.

13. The Bengal tiger is India’s official national image.

14. Indians believe that cows square measure sacred thanks to their spiritual beliefs; so cows will usually be found wandering the streets.

15. Bharat is home to over 1,000,000 millionaires; but an oversized a part of the country still lives on but 2 bucks per day

16. Indian widows square measure usually thought-about to be unhealthy luck. Some Indians believe this therefore powerfully, that they won’t invite widows to any of their social events.

17. Bharat has the most important communication within the world. Its communicating network contains over 1,50,000 post offices, nonetheless it's conjointly thought-about one in every of the slowest communicating networks within the world.

18. Bharat is home to all or any of the main world religions. each major world faith is practiced within the country, transportation diversity to the country.

19. despite the fact that cows square measure thought-about to be sacred, Indians still use cows for milk. they're the most important farm producers within the world.

20. Wasting food in Bharat is taken into account to be a atrocious sin, and is looked down upon in society.
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